Awaken to a New Life through Tao Soul Secrets with Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha - Master Sha
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Awaken to a New Life through Tao Soul Secrets with Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Awaken to a New Life through Tao Soul Secrets with Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Think of your life as a movie. You are the producer and director. You are the creator of your life. There can be infinite possibilities!

The Tao Soul Secrets offer the keys to creating the life you imagine.

They will help you overcome challenges in health, relationships, finances, and more.

You may have tried to change your life by changing your thoughts. That can be helpful, but it doesn’t get to the root of your challenges and doesn’t carry the power that makes a real difference.

The missing element is listening to your soul and harnessing the power of your heart and soul.

The Tao Soul secrets will show you how to remove what is in the way so you can manifest the life you want.

Tao Science teaches that everyone and everything is made of shen qi jing.
Shen is heart, soul, and mind; qi is energy; jing is matter. This is a universal law.

Understanding the deep wisdom of this law and the process of the Five Levels of Creation from Master Sha® can help you transform your life.

This is how the process of creation works:

  • The soul is the storehouse of information and is constantly sending information to your heart.
  • Your heart receives the information and sends it on to the mind.
  • Your mind processes and interprets that information and then turns it into energy.
  • Energy initiates action and leads matter.
  • Matter transforms into your thoughts, emotions, behavior, and life circumstances.

It’s important to understand that the mind is not the leader. Your soul is the leader of this process. It determines your heart, mind, energy, and matter.

Your heart is also truly powerful. You can’t heal and create transformation without engaging your heart. Your heart is the bridge between your soul and your mind.

Your soul stores an immense amount of information and messages and can be a great teacher and guide.

What your heart receives from your soul creates and enhances your health, relationships, career, finances, longevity, and more. And your heart is much more powerful than your mind, even 5000 X more!

Your mind processes what It receives from the heart. Your mind follows and serves your heart and soul.

Another key is to have positive information guiding the process. Positive information and messages create the connection, healing, and success we all wish for.

The amount of positive information we carry determines the quality and power of our souls, hearts, and minds.

Negative information creates the blockages that cause illness, pain, depression, fear, and sadness, relationships that don’t work, and a lack of success. Removing this negative information and aligning soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter with positive information is key.

By listening to positive information in your heart and soul and having the soul lead the process of creation, you can manifest health and well-being, and success in relationships, finances, and every aspect of life. You can discover and realize your purpose in life.

At the Tao Soul Secret sessions, you will learn simple but powerful techniques to remove the negative information and messages that are holding you back. You’ll learn how to connect with your heart and soul through the revolutionary transformative arts of Tao Calligraphy and live Tao Song blessings.

Through Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song, you will develop the deepest positive Tao qualities that increase your power to manifest and transform. These qualities include love, forgiveness, compassion, light, humility, harmony, flourishing, gratitude, service, and enlightenment. They remove the negative thoughts. emotions, and ego reactions that create obstacles to flourishing.

And when you align soul, heart, mind, energy and matter and attract the good things you want to happen, it won’t be just a coincidence or synchronicity.

These positive events will be the results of making a deep heart and soul connection.

You will be matching the vibration of where you have placed attention with your heart and soul.

Tao Science, created by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and quantum physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu, teaches that we are all vibrational fields. When we connect with positive information and align soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter, we resonate powerfully with what we imagine. We match our vibrational fields with what we dream of through the power of soul.

At the Tao Soul Secret sessions, you’ll be connecting with the powerful frequency and vibration of Tao Source Light and removing the blockages to success and flourishing in every aspect of life.

You can overcome your challenges and design your own reality!

Learn much more about Tao wisdom and how to apply the Tao Soul Secrets to every aspect of your life.

Join Tao Grand Master Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha for Tao Soul Secrets – Monthly

February 24 11 am – 1 pm EST
Livestream available in English, German, French, Dutch, and Spanish