What is spiritual healing? | Master Sha
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Breaking down the mystery of spiritual healing

Spiritual Healing

Breaking down the mystery of spiritual healing

Spiritual healing has been part of my life since I was a young child. I first became interested in all forms of healing when I saw people in my family struggling with various ailments.

When I began training under several masters of Eastern martial arts, I learned about the power of energy healing. I then studied Western medicine, acupuncture, herbalism and many other disciplines. By integrating Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism with modern and traditional Chinese medicine, I devised a way to heal the body and the soul.
But let us start at the beginning and answer the question: “What is spiritual healing?”

Master Sha and spiritual healing

We should think of spiritual healing as a transfer of energy through a healer to the patient. By relaxing the body through meditation and other methods, spiritual healing strengthens the body’s immune system. This promotes self-healing through non-invasive methods by bringing the person into a state of wellbeing and balance at all levels.

It’s important to understand that spiritual healing is different from faith healing. You do not need to believe in a specific religion or faith to benefit from spiritual healing. The spiritual aspect is about energy working at an extremely deep level in our very being. When we look at the word spiritual itself, we find that it comes from the Latin spiritus. This means “breath of life”.

Spiritual healing involves energy transfer from the healer’s links with the Divine to channel the healing into the subject’s mind, body and spirit. I have been gifted with this special gift of healing and, through my books and teaching, I’m passing it on to the world.

Combining spiritual healing with body, mind and soul

I’m one of the first spiritual healers in the world to combine traditional Chinese medicine, spiritual healing and energy healing along with Western medicine. One of my earliest mentors was Dr Zhi Chen Guo. He created Body Space Medicine, which has been hailed as a major breakthrough for healing.

Spiritual healing is about finding practical ways to heal yourself, your pets, relationships, finances, businesses and any other aspect of your life. Everything and everyone in the world has a vibrational field that carries matter, information and energy. Quantum physics corroborates this, but in ancient wisdom this has long been known as Shen Qi Jing. In our world, energy and matter can be positive or negative. Positive energy is associated with love and compassion, while negative energy is associated with disconnection and unbalanced emotions.

By keeping the negative energy within us and around us to a minimum, we can help our soul, body and mind to heal. The more negative energy we deal with, the more challenges we can expect to face spiritually and physically. And conversely, the more positive energy that surrounds us and is within us, the easier it is for us to spiritually heal. This leads to more success, happiness, health and wealth.

The Tao Calligraphy Healing Field

Since 2013, my teachings have focused on the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field. Within this teaching, Tao is the Ultimate Creator and the Source. And as Tao is Oneness, everything returns to Tao, and everything comes from Tao.

Tao Oneness covers pure positivity surrounding energy, matter and information. Everything in the yin yang universe, which includes Mother Earth, humanity, all of our souls, and Heaven, exists in a state of both positive and negative energy.

At the Master Tao Centres, we create the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field, which is one unified space of Tao Oneness. This field radiates all the positivity of Tao and, within this field, through meditation, we transform the negative into a positive. We have created 10 major Tao Calligraphy Healing Field locations all around the world. Each contains a number of my own original Tao Calligraphies, and the space and teaching for others to reach spiritual healing through the same method. This is one example of spiritual healing, where I, as the healer and Master, allow energy and healing to flow through to other people. Other forms include Reiki, mindful meditation and yoga.

The National Federation of Spiritual Healers defines spiritual healing as the restoration of the balance of mind, spirit and body through the channeling of healing energy from the healer to the recipient. While scepticism will always remain in the realm of spiritual healing, I believe that science is catching up to the ancient arts. We are creating a balance of the scientific understanding of energy flow and allowing the possibility that we can heal our souls and, through this, the world.