Learn the Ancient Secrets of the Tao de Ching and Transform Your Life - Master Sha
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Learn the Ancient Secrets of the Tao de Ching and Transform Your Life

Learn the Ancient Secrets of the Tao de Ching and Transform Your Life


I am delighted to welcome everyone to my new blog series that will introduce you to the power and wisdom of the renowned ancient text Dao De Jing (also known as the Tao Te Ching) and explain how you can apply this wisdom to transform your life through the revolutionary arts of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song

Through this wisdom and these practices, your heart and soul may awaken to a new way of being.

You may ask, what is Tao? Tao is the ultimate Source of life and the ultimate truth. Tao is not about religion. Whatever your belief system, the Tao underlies all of life and includes everyone and everything.

Tao is also called the Way of all life. This means that when you follow Tao, life flows and flourishes. This profound ancient wisdom is for all of humanity and has been a guide for 2,600 years for political and military leaders, scientists, artists, economists, and people from every background and profession. Tao wisdom is a guide to living in harmony with nature and the universe.

Second only to the Bible, the Dao De Jing has been read by millions of people and translated many times. It is studied at universities worldwide as a profound text that carries eternal truth and wisdom. The philosopher Lao Zi, who lived in the 6th century, is known as the author.

As a doctor of Western and traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Tao Grand Master, and master of several Asian arts, including qi gong, tai chi, feng shui, and the I Ching, I have devoted my life to helping people overcome pain and suffering and live healthier and happier lives.

The Tao is at the foundation of the new Tao healing technologies that I have created to help people heal and uplift their lives. I will be sharing some of this new technology to open hearts and souls to the power and wisdom of Tao. Through experiencing the wonder and mystery of this ancient wisdom, life can be transformed.

I am very honored to present the teachings of the Dao De Jing in a clear and accessible way and to offer transformative art practices to connect with Tao that can offer a deep healing, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

These practices can enable you to prevent and heal illness, rejuvenate, build immunity, harmonize your relationships, transform your finances, and nourish every aspect of your life.

I will explain how this happens.

I first learned the unique form of Chinese calligraphy called Zi Bi Zi, written in only one stroke, from Professor Li Qiu Yun when she was over 100 years old. She learned calligraphy from Tai Shi (Supreme Teacher), the teacher of the last emperor and royal family of the Qing dynasty in China. I am now the sole lineage holder of this sacred form.

After mastering Zi Bi Zi, I created the transformative art of Tao Calligraphy that carries the essence and high frequency of Tao Oneness and the purest shen qi jing, forming a positive healing field.

Shen is soul, heart, and mind; qi is energy; and jing is matter. Ancient wisdom teaches that everyone and everything is made of shen qi jing.

So when you connect with the shen qi jing of Tao Source, the healing frequency and vibration of Tao can clear blockages in your own shen qi jing. This can bring amazing benefits.

And when you connect with soul, you are going beyond the mind to a deeper level of healing and transformation. I will expand on the power of soul as we go deeper into the wisdom and power of the Dao De Jing.

I will also share the high frequency and vibration and healing power of a Tao Song. Tao Songs are Soul songs that connect you with the power of your soul.

Each song also creates a Tao Healing Field. Listeners absorb the sounds and the positive messages of the songs in their own shen qi jing (soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter) and transform their own energy fields.

With Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song, negative messages can be transformed into positive messages that will help you overcome whatever challenge you are facing, bring relief from suffering, and lead you to a healthier, happier way of being.

I invite you to delve into these powerful practices and the profound mystery of the Dao De Jing to discover greater wisdom, well-being, and success, and inner peace and joy.

Everyone is welcome to join me on Facebook for the Power and Wisdom of Dao De Jing through Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song live at 2- 3 pm ET every Monday.

You are also welcome to watch the replay any time.

With each viewing, you will get a deeper understanding of the immortal wisdom of the Dao De Jing and receive benefits for your life beyond what you can imagine.

Watch here: https://www.facebook.com/drandmastersha