Tao Science and spirituality move us towards the grand unification | Master Sha
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What is Tao Science and how does it help us understand ourselves?


What is Tao Science and how does it help us understand ourselves?

Tao Science uses science to explain life, its purpose, creation, and the grand unification of everything.

I created Tao Science with quantum physicist Dr Rulin Xiu. Together we explain our discoveries in Tao Science: The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification. It’s important to explain the science behind Tao and to contextualise our practices.

What is Tao Science and what does it mean for our spiritual understanding?

Think of Tao Science as the science of creation and The Source. By integrating profound Tao wisdom with quantum physics, Tao Science explains how everything is created, unified, and linked with the Source. It’s the ideal way to bring together spirituality and science in a way that we can all understand.

Tao itself is the Source of everything. This means everyone and everything in the universe. While science explains the physical history of creation and life, Tao links it with the spiritual qi that flows through us all. It unifies us all.

My co-author and colleague, Dr Rulin Xiu works at the cutting edge of breakthrough science and spirituality. She is a qualified quantum physicist with a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, and works on the theory of grand unification. Together, we have brought this concept to the wider world, as it holds spiritual truths that explain the very fundamentals of our existence in this universe.

Breaking down the science in Tao Science

Tao is a Chinese word used by many people to mean many things. As you know by now, for me and for my teachings, Tao is the Source and the Creator of everything we see and everything that exists.

Through Tao Science, we know that everyone and everything in our world and the wider universe is made of matter, information, and energy. Matter refers to the physical reality of our lives. Information gives form and shape to the energy and matter. And the energy, or qi, is what moves and changes matter.

Tao Science tells us that our soul is the vessel that contains the information inside us. Our soul is the root of our very selves and determines every aspect of the lives we lead here on earth. It follows then that, to truly change our lives and our physical reality, we have to start with the soul. There are many direct practices that are outlined and supported by Tao Science that can help you make profound changes at the soul level. This will transform everything about your life.

The missing element within quantum physics

Quantum physics as a stand-alone science shows us how everything works at the deepest level. It also shows us what everything is made of. And while current scientific theory has made great strides in understanding and utilising energy and matter, it doesn’t help us understand everything.

Natural science and current scientific thinking deal solely with the physical realm. It makes no inroads into our understanding of spirituality or our consciousness. It can’t tell us why we are here or what our purpose in life is. And science that does not allow for the soul, mind, and heart is damaging to our world and ultimately ourselves.

Not only has it wrought untold damage on the earth‘s natural resources, humanity is drowning in anxiety, depression, stress, and distress. We urgently need to unite our spiritual selves with the science we rely on. We are living through one of the most challenging periods in history and under unprecedented stress. This bringing together of science and Tao has never been more urgent.

Healing through positive action

Tao Science is the answer to saving ourselves, saving Mother Earth, and saving all of humanity from conflict, stress, and suffering. By bringing about a grand unification deep inside each of us and outwardly to connect with all beings, we become powerful.

Within this concept, there are practical ways to relieve our suffering. That means each one of us can use Tao Science to understand and change our very being. We can relieve our mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical suffering and pain. We can overcome the difficulties and challenges we face in life, whether that’s our relationships, our financial situations, or anything else that impedes our energy.

When we consider our soul as the conduit for the information inside us, we can see it as a vibrational field. This energy field carries both negative and positive information that dictates our life path at its very root. Our very purpose in life is to nurture and boost the positive information we carry in our soul.

The more positive action we take, the more positive information we accumulate within the soul. This opens up our souls to manifest reality with no limitations. Negative information leads to a profound disconnect from the unified vibrational field.